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About EPI Life

EPI Life is a consumer device which allows a non-medically trained person to capture his or her heart rhythm measurement (Electrocardiogram or ECG) with clinical precision at the point of symptoms. The ECG trace can then be transmitted at a touch of a finger via the integrated mobile phone platform to a 24-hour medical centre for prompt response and advice.

Together with EPI Personal Health Concierge and Personal Health Folder, the EPI Life presents a complete and hassle-free remote health monitoring solution with the potential impact of early detection and saving of lives.


Although portable ECG monitors have been in the market for 20 years or more they either lack the convenience and simplicity in operation or the means to provide timely feedback to the user. Through the convergence of infocomm (mobile) and medical (cardiac) technology, the EPI Life has suitably addressed both these issues, offering a truly portable, easy-to-use ECG monitor with timely feedback to the user via SMS. Now, wherever they are, users will be able to know their current heart condition within minutes of recording and transmitting an ECG.


The heart of EPI Life is the ECG chip, a miniaturized version of the same chip commonly found in conventional 12-lead ECG machines. Integrating this chip with a mobile phone platform allowed the use the GSM network for remote communication between the device and the server/service center. We have also adapted the sensors innovatively to enable the device to record multiple leads via different configurations of holding the device without traditional use of wires and adhesive leads.

Ease of implementation

Compared to existing products on the market, the EPI Life does not require the use of any additional wires/electrodes, gels, plasters or wearable components. Recording of ECGs is done within 30 seconds simply by touching the sides of the device with one’s fingers, a procedure simple enough to be adopted even by the elderly. Deployment of our backend systems is uncomplicated as the interface applications are all web-based. This avails us a franchise model for expanding market capability.

Value Impact

The ability to detect heart rhythm anomalies at the point of symptom/discomfort would mean that no ‘warning signs’ that may result in a fatal cardiac event would be left unnoticed. This early detection capability can dramatically decrease the incidence of sudden deaths and fatal heart attacks.

The timely feedback on the sent ECGs also means that users will be able to make better informed decisions on their next course of action, be it visiting the A&E department or to go to the nearest 24-hour clinic. This could potentially reduce unnecessary trips to the A&E, reducing transport and medical costs incurred and alleviating clutter at the A&E.

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